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HappyDog - Plush Duck

HappyDog - Plush Duck

HappyDog - Plush Duck

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We are expecting increased demand before Christmas. Due to issues brought about by COVID-19, we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas. we are trying our best to overcome this issue and we appreciate your understanding.

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Keep your pooch's anxiety at bay!
Young and old dogs alike are known to become anxious when left alone. The HappyDog Duck plushie can keep your dog company when you're away, helping to reduce its anxiety and boost its mood.

| Machine washable
This duck plushie can be easily washed with soap and water to avoid the buildup of unwanted bacteria and odor.

| Squeak feature
The plushie offers a subtle squeak when pressed, which can keep your dog entertained.

| Features

 Soft to hold
 Squeaks when pressed
 Fully washable
 Great for young and old dogs alike
 Appropriate for all types of dogs

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 There are 139 units remaining.


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