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HappyDog - Dog Belt

HappyDog - Dog Belt

HappyDog - Dog Belt

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| Safety First!
The new HappyDog dog belt has been designed to provide your dog with the best possible safety when traveling by car. Everyone needs to be restrained to avoid disaster, including your dog.

| Less stress on the road
Thanks to our HappyDog belt, you will no longer have to worry about your dog when you are in the car. It will stay where it is thanks to our new belt and you can drive without worrying.

| Simple and reliable
belt This belt is made of strong nylon that your dog cannot damage or tear off on its own. It simply clips on like any other seat belt to keep your dog in place in your car.

| Comfort is everything
Our HappyDog dog belt is adjustable so that your dog feels comfortable in his seat. This will give him the freedom of movement you want your dog to have. It is also equipped with a rotating head so that it does not get tangled. All of this will ensure unparalleled comfort for your dog on your next trip.

| Specifications
 Width: 2.5 cm
Adjustable length: 43 - 74 cm
3 colors available: blue, pink, black
Attaches to all normal harnesses and belts
 Durable quality materials: nylon + metal
Easy to attach and remove

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 There are 86 units in stock.

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