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Shipping Policy

Free delivery on all orders

Our products are delivered free of charge. The products will be delivered to the postal address that you indicated when ordering..

However, it is now possible to speed up the delivery time by paying a tax of 4.99 Euro when finalizing the order. Your order will be placed in priority of other orders.

Delivery time

Our products are shipped within 48 hours and then delivered in most cases within 10 to 25 days by shipping companies. If a momentary out of stock of a product occurs, the delivery time may be a little longer. Due to the COVID-19 crisis your order may take longer to reach you.These delivery times are beyond our control.

When an order is made up of several products, the delivery time may be different for each product. HappyDog allows the possibility of splitting the order into several deliveries, without this incurring additional costs for the customer.t.

Checking at the time of delivery

The customer must verify the conformity of the goods delivered at the time of receipt.

Other questions?

If you need more information and the FAQ does not answer your question, please contact us atinfos@mon-indispensable.com