HappyDog - Bottle for Dogs

HappyDog - Bottle for Dogs

HappyDog - Bottle for Dogs

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No longer worry about your dog being dehydrated!
We know how cumbersome it can be to carry a water bottle and bowl every time you go out with your dog. Fortunately, our HappyDog canine water bottle provides a simple solution.

| Bowl-shaped cap
Our HappyDog water bottle is the easiest way to give your dog water on the go. Just fill it like you would any other bottle and let your dog drink as much as he wants from the bowl-shaped cap.

| Never waste a single drop of water again
Do you remember all those times when you poured your dog a bowl of water and they only drank half of it? Right now you are in control of how much water they'll need, and if there's any leftover, no problem, you can pour the remaining water back into the bottle within seconds.

| Anti-leak valve equipped
Having all of your precious belongings soaked by a leaky bottle is a horrible experience. Luckily, our HappyDog leak-proof valve technology ensures that your water bottle will never leak. It closed and secured with a simple button.

| Easy to carry
Its compact shape and integrated strap allow you to carry the HappyDog water bottle anywhere in your backpack, purse, or around your wrist.

| Specifications

BPA free, non-toxic
Easy to use with one hand
Contains: 1 HappyDog bottle + 1 wrist strap
Durable quality materials: ABS plastic for impact resistance and reduced weight
Suitable for all muzzle sizes
Easily removable and washable

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 There are 139 units remaining.

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